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Don't take my word for it. I want you to prove this to yourself. It's the only way you will own your life experience. -- PJH


The proof is in the pudding.

Attending the classes and listening to the Vibe-Alignment Thriving Series by Peter is like going home to your favorite comfy couch with a delicious beverage and beautiful music around you. There is such peace and reassurance in the words spoken; it brings us to a place of comfort and understanding that is unmatchable. The wisdom that comes through always seems to match the needs we have in our lives. As parents, we have watched our children come alive and find alignment with their true self after a conversation with Peter/Sandalphon. In our marriage, we have let go of obstacles and found a deeper sense of love. Our spirits are lifted and we can smile and move through any obstacle we might be up against. We are so grateful for Peter and the opportunity to learn from him and from Sandalphon. 

-- Dianne and Jim - Parker, CO, Thriving Series - 12 part series participant
Like many who come to the Thriving Series workshops ready and open, life has encouraged me to bump up against many wonderful teachers, seminars, and books. Each has offered something meaningful, powerful, or just annoying to nudge me forward. So it is no small thing to say that, at 71, I found living with the Vibe Alignment CD for several months transforming.

I took so many notes from the first two sessions that I was mentally tripping over them, so found that surrendering and letting the experience settle in was much more powerful.

Here are some of the concepts that now infuse my life on a daily basis:
The clarity and simplicity of remembering moment to moment that we are whole, complete, and divine.
Making the choice to act from connection to Source.
The relief of acknowledging and letting go of past stories.
Having no need for blame or resentment. They no longer have a place to land!
Savoring the "banquet" of life.

I am learning to trust the sensation of stepping into the vibration of love, thinking of it much as a muscle memory, like playing the piano or riding a bike. Welcome it and there it is.

Thank you, Peter and Sandalphon, for this gift.

-- Kathleen Davis, Thriving Series - 12 part series participant
The Vibe Alignment Tune-Up "Thriving Series" Collection, and the results it produces, is astonishing!  Get ready to have your hearts moved!  My experience of it is this: powerful work that will captivate your already thriving nature and inspire you to play full out - all while being lovingly supported in implementing and sustaining this way of being.  I found myself cheering with what resonated, appreciating what "pinged" (aka Aha!), laughing (often), holding my breath, exhaling with relief, and feeling at One with the participants.

Peter Hughes is a master at channeling Divine guidance, holding space, and inspiring laughter, as he facilitates life-changing results.  Experiencing this masterpiece returned me to Love, renewing my hope and faith in humanity.  The best part is that I can listen to this anytime if I need an instant "vibe alignment tune-up".  The bonus is that each time I listen to it, I receive something new that supports my evolutionary journey.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  Thank you, Peter!

Laura DiMinno, Professional Mentor of Love, Spirit In Session

-- Laura DiMinno , Thriving Series - 12 part series participant
With great love and humor, Peter Hughes guides you through releasing your old "story" the false pain of the past, and moving into the beauty of thriving. In his "Thriving Series" you will find the tools you need to live the joy you were born to be. Peter shares his own journey in such a pure, truthful way that you can feel your heart open through his words. His Divine Guides bless each word with a love that transcends and heals. He is gifted healer and a treasure.

-- Paula Gerrardi , Thriving Series - 12 part series participant
The "Thriving Series" of the Vibe Alignment Tune-Up led by Peter J. Hughes is a 12-part course that engages and challenges it's listeners to shift many of their perspectives to go from merely surviving in life to thriving in life. Part 2 of the series, titled "Keep It Simple" aims to remind participants of just how easy life can be...if you let it be. Mr. Hughes begins by encouraging his audience to sincerely "consider the possibility" that life can indeed be simple. And while that concept seems well and good, there are all too many moments in our day-to-day lives which complicate matters and threaten to derail the very idea of simplicity. For many us those complications, whether big or small, are the exact things that don't allow us to live simply.

What follows this framework is nothing short of extraordinary. It is suggested that if we merely begin to shift our perspectives, that everything will begin to fall into place. Hughes states that "life happens, it's how you choose to experience it" and with that directive, living simply is already well on its way. Over the next hour, Hughes guides participants through a series of real life exercises centered on making life simpler. There is nothing complicated about the presentation, and Mr. Hughes' real-life examples not only make the entire experience more palatable, but also easy to apply in every situation that you may encounter along the way.

The idea that "life is not hard" is one that many of us don't fully accept. In fact, a good number of us likely don't give this idea much credibility at all. That being said, it's all just a matter of shifting your perspectives concerning how you interact with life in order to keep it simple. Mr. Hughes' candid, engaging and often times humorous leadership, provides listeners with the necessary tools to create a life of action that will inevitably lead to the (re)discovery of our "whole, complete and divine" selves.

-- Ryan Brun - Denver CO. , Thriving Series - 12 part series participant
Peter's delightful sense of humor, direct yet loving guidance, and old soul wisdom help make waking up to your higher potential a nurturing as well as powerful transition.

-- Sonia Choquette, PhD