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We cannot Google our life. We must get out there and live it. Having the tools to thrive make the experience sustainable. -- PJH


Through a variety of services; including private sessions, public classes, we will explore a series of [Powerful] questions, the [Powerful] answering of which will awaken you to your life purpose and access your highest potential as a sustainable way of life.


Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning fear into Love

These 2 hour classes, facilitated by Peter J Hughes. Changing our mind about what's possible requires first that we identify and reassign the belief filters which inform our thoughts, words, and actions. During the Vibe Tune Up event participants will be facilitated in the use of tools and processes to navigate the mind shift which creates a clearing for us to consider different possibilities, make different choices, and become a vibrational match for living a thriving life.


Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning fear into Love
120 minute session



Private Vibe Tune-Up Coaching Session

During your one-hour Vibe Tune-Up Coaching session we will address specific focal points you are currently navigating in your life. These sessions are both a structured process and an organic exploration, allowing us to take a big picture perspective on your specific situation(s) and options. We will then redirect your awareness to focus on options you may not have considered before, the considering of which could change everything.

Your Vibe Tune-Up Coaching doesn't stop at the end of your session. You will be set-up with "homework" designed to support you with getting into action with the details revealed to you in your session. This homework will support you in generating a more conscious way of participating in your life, resulting in a more authentic, and intentional life experience.

Coaching sessions can be done in person or by telephone.


Private Vibe Tune-Up Coaching Session
60 minute session



Private Vibe Alignment Session

During your one-hour channeled Vibe Alignment session you will be introduced to Sandalphon, the non-physical collective consciousness who speaks to us through Peter. Often referred to as the "Big Guns," your time with Sandalphon will be a profound and expansive look at your life lessons and life purpose.

You are already whole, complete, and divine, you have just forgotten this truth about yourself. During your Vibe Alignment session, you will be reminded of who you truly are and be lovingly course-corrected back into alignment with your purpose and your potential.

A profound part of your time with Sandalphon includes the vibrational alignment energy work intended to realign your body, mind and spirit with your natural state of thriving. This is a hands-off process subtle in it application and profound in its results.

It is one thing to understand who you are and what you are up too, it is quite another thing to know and feel the truth of who you are. Your Vibe Alignment session will open your mind and your heart to your highest potential as an achievable experience.

Sessions can be done in person or by telephone.


Private Vibe Alignment Session
60 minute session



Private Group Vibe Alignment Session

Great for intimate gatherings, entrepreneurial groups, business teams, and guest speaker engagements, channeled group readings can bring clarity and guidance on specific (and general) issues, to a group as a whole as well as to individuals within a group structure.

Current clients include business owners working to expand their productivity, real estate agents intending to attract more focused clients, business teams looking to reach a new level of effectiveness, private households working to open lines of communication within the family structure, and as guest speaker/facilitator for a variety of focus groups.

Private group readings can be scheduled for groups of up to 10 participants. A $40.00 fee will be added for each participant after 10.

Please consider scheduling your session at least two months prior to the date of your event as availability can be quite limited on shorter notice.

Payment plans are available for not-for-profit organizations.


Private Group Vibe Alignment Session
120 minute session



The Art of the Soul of Money

The Art of the Soul of Money--Package Deal
The Art of the Soul of Money workshop series is a journey in getting real about where we currently are in our relationship with money (abundance), identifying how we are in alignment, or out of alignment with our abundance (money) potential, and shifting into action with making choices from Soulful expression, the doing of which will change everything. Peter J. Hughes is a gifted spiritual teacher and master change facilitator, with 17+ years of vibe-alignment training and facilitating experience. His classes are full of straight talk, laughter, intellectualizing, spiritualizing, and organic exploration. Sign up for all four or any combination of sessions.

Full Package - $139 for non-members, $124 for CFU members.
($20 materials fee)
Per session - $46 for non-members, $34 for CFU members. ($5 materials fee)
Register at or by phone at 303.399.0093

Session One
February 24: Code #8907
What Is the Soul of Money? / How Can We Change Our Stories?
Money is a vehicle on which our Soul expresses itself. We are either having a Soul-filled experience or a Soul-less experience of our relationship with money. Knowing the difference between these two experiences will inform how we manage not only our money, but also our thoughts, words and actions around money. Changing our story about money has very little, if anything, to do with how much we have in our bank account, and everything to do with how much we have in our Soul account. This workshop will support you to shift into alignment with an unfiltered Soulful experience and tap into your potential for abundance.

Session Two
March 2: Code #8908
Imagining and Establishing a New Relationship with Money
In this second step in the Art of the Soul of Money workshop series we will explore what is possible when we remove our limited thinking and play around in our unlimited imagination. What might happen if we're not constrained by our old stories? What if there were no limitations to what we could create as our new story about money? Exploring this question can be surprisingly confronting, and profoundly liberating.

Session Three
March 9: Code #8909
Getting Into Action and Manifesting Results
In this third session of The Art of the Soul of Money workshop series we will do important spring cleaning, sorting our unconscious and conscious behaviors into those which support us in our financial health and wellness and those that hinder us. Practice makes perfect, and to get the results we desire, it is important to train ourselves out of our old surviving habits and into our new thriving practices. Join us for a discussion of effective and efficient processes designed to produce profound results.

Session Four
March 16: Code #8910
How Good Can You Stand It? / Lock Into the Soul of Money
In this fourth session of the Soul of Money workshop series we're ready to identify our Soul purpose, mission, and action and lock into realizing our highest potential. Getting clear on our Purpose, stepping into alignment with our Mission, and maintaining integrity with our Actions enable us to live an abundant, thriving, and Soulful life. Money, being a vehicle on which our Soul expresses itself, now flows to, through and from us with the strength of grace.


The Art of the Soul of Money
5 x 120 minute sessions

The Art of the Soul of Money--Package Deal
The Art of the Soul of Money workshop series is a journey in getting real about where we currently are in our relationship with money (abundance), identifying how we are in alignment, or out of alignment


Recipe For Genius - Creating A Thriving Artistic Experience

What if you knew how to turn-on your artistic genius as a conscious and intentional part of your creative process? During your Recipe for Genius workshop experience you will be introduced to three profoundly effective tools which, when implemented, will have you tap-in to alignment with your unlimited creative potential, tuning-up and enhancing your creative process to produce results that had previously gone undiscovered.

The Recipe for Genius workshop guides you through a series of interactive conversations and experiences taking you beyond theory and into action with a heightened sense of awareness of your creative genius potential, and the mind blowing part you play in the creative process.

Developed over a seven year process, the "Recipe for Genius" workshop is both conventional and unconventional in its format, exploring a full spectrum of modalities. This workshop experience references scientific research, expands on traditional trainings, integrates quantum physics, and applies centuries old metaphysical and spiritual teachings and techniques. Originally designed to support actors, singers, directors, choreographers, and writers, this workshop is a power tool for everyone desiring to explore and develop their creative genius.

We believe the Recipe for Genius workshop experience will bring a new and profound level of awareness and expanded appreciation to what you already trust to work for your creative process. As well, you will access your untapped abilities to manifest creative results in a way you hadn't known to considered before.

There actually is a Recipe For Genius.


Recipe For Genius - Creating A Thriving Artistic Experience
300 minute session



Wedding Officiate

Marriage is a personal and sacred union, and your Wedding is a personal and sacred ceremony.

Traditional, non-traditional, a balance of both, or something uniquely yours, together we will customize your wedding ceremony to be an authentic expression of you, and your intention in married life.

Included in this package are:
- Up to 1 hour during wedding ceremony, and up to four additional hours of pre wedding consultation and developement.
- A creative session to brain storm and establish your ceremony intentions and desires.
- Developing of your ceremony script, through a series of drafts.
- Access to coaching on navigating acknowledgments of family, friends, and even pets, into the ceremony.
- Wedding rehearsal of ceremony.
- Officiating of your ceremony.
- Signing of Marriage Certificate.
- A copy of your ceremony script.

Not included in this package are:
-The filing and payment for marriage certificate.
-The counseling of non-wedding party participants.
-CPR and First Aid the day of the wedding.
-Coaching of marriage participants in-to, or out-of the ceremony 24 hours before, or during the ceremony.

These services are all-denomination and non-denomination inclusive, and are available to anyone whome Divine Source has brought together in Love.


Wedding Officiate
60 minute session