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The Universe is always calling you, but it does not leave voice mail. You actually have to answer the call when it comes in. -- PJH

Monthly Musings

Resolution 2020

Posted by Peter J. Hughes - professional muse on Tuesday January 28, 2020

Resolution 2020
The year of clear vision
Love is eternal, the eternal truth of who we are. Our relationship to love informs the experience we will have with love, and the experience we have with love informs how we see and experience our world and ourselves in the world. With love as the lens through which we view the world, much like the windshield wiper of a car, the clearer the lens, the sharper the resolution, the more accurate the vision. 

I find in my talking with and listening of people and their understanding of and relationship with the idea of Love, I have a better insight into how we have found ourselves in such chaos and discomfort. We are so off the mark. Love is not complicated or a limited resource, Love is eternal and the stuff of which gives life. When we understand how Love is the life-force energy which animates our bodies, we remember we ARE Love. There is no way around this. We either accept this or resist this, but either way Love is the truth of who we are. Accepting, or resisting this is our free will, and what we choose informs our thoughts, words, and actions, whatever our beliefs. When we are in alignment with the Love energy that we are we have balance. When we are out of alignment with this truth of who we are, we are, much like cancer cells in the body, out of balance and navigating an internal war. Love, being truth, never changes. However, our thoughts about Love, and who we are as Love, changes everything about how we experience ourselves, others, and the world.

In the early months of the new year, people in general begin to deplete the life-force breathed into their New Years resolutions. Originally made with the best of intentions, (or out of guilt, shame, or frustration) these resolutions were driven by a desire to create a better feeling, more attractive, deeper purposeful life experience. However, like any crusade throughout history, there is an individual and collective enthusiasm which is very appealing (as intended by the onslaught of gym membership promotions.) to inspire rallying around a goal, and offering an authentic, if not slightly unrealistic, commitment to stick with the journey to the achieved goal. The beginning of the the journey is fueled by the promise of a better life, and the excitement of possibility. Yet, as commitment begins to wane and patience becomes fatigued, people become disappointment and distracted, falling off the band wagon until only a few disciplined diehards remain to cross the finish-line. There is nothing new about this process, it happens all the time (Moses knew this all too well.) However, if we are going to make changes that stick, are sustainable, and benefit from the long-term results, we have to be invested in the long term journey to the manifested results. 

If we're not going to stay with the process through to the goal achieved, we cannot expect to benefit from the results, nor be disappointed when the results do not manifest. The fact is, we baled, got distracted, lost interest. Thats all. No story, just, a fact. 

When we set a goal or make a resolution from a place of lack, the experience of an absence of something, we are hoping that by obtaining that which we perceive as missing, we will fill the void and achieve a sense of wholeness. Nice idea, not how it works; no amount of action can counter a conflicting thought. In other words, if from the outset our thoughts aren't in alignment with the experience of the goal having been achieved, our thoughts will stay stuck in the experience of the absence of the goal yet to be achieved. What if, no matter what our New Years resolution or goal, we first decided to lay down a solid foundation on which our success is to be built. A foundation which, by its nature, gives us the good feeling, more attractive, and deeper sense of  purpose we hope to gain by achieving the goal, before actually achieving the goal?

What if, whatever our resolution, we first choose Love as the fuel to launch the journey to our goal. And then, as part of our discipline, recommit to Love regularly throughout the journey as part of the process. In doing this we are not only in action with supporting the achieving of our goal, by the time we achieve it we have already experienced the sense of fulfillment we desired when we first made the New Year's resolution. If no amount of action can counter a conflicting thought, then it is up to us to fuel our actions with Love so there is nothing to be countered in manifesting our goal. In this, since we have already built a profound and sustainable relationship with the creative power which is the fulfilling life-force of Love, we no longer NEED the goal achieved, to HAVE the experience of the goal achieved. 

The universal law of attraction holds us accountable for remembering how we create what we focus on whether we want it or not. In this we can see how our part in manifesting our New Year's resolution, or any resolution for that matter, is to stay focused on what we want with each thought, word, and action of the journey. At the core of every goal, resolution, intention, is the desire to feel more fulfilled, whole, complete. If, being an extension and expression of Love is who we are, and our eternal way of being, than it makes sense to remember and focus on this as the foundation on which we launch and navigate any journey to any goal.  

The creative power of Love gives us the resolution to navigate the journey to the achievement of any goal with the fulfillment of 20/20 vision.