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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Likewise, I can guide you to your highest potential, but I can't make you live it. That's your free will. -- PJH

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Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning Fear Into Love...

Vibe Tune-Up
Spinning Fear into Love and Living a Thriving Life

These 2 hour classes are a law of attraction and thriving based conversation and experience. Truly a tune-up, this class focuses on raising our individual and collective vibration to be in alignment with health and wellness of body, mind, and Spirit. Participants will be facilitated in using a series of tools and processes designed to support achieving and sustaining vibrational alignment with a thriving way of living. Included in the experience is an actual vibrational attunement, designed to lock-in the raised vibration on a cellular level.

Though the title of each Tune-Up is the same, as we know from experience, each Vibe Tune-Up takes on a life of its own, informed by the particular combination of participants assembled, calling forth guidance and instruction appropriate for real-time events and ever progressing life changes. Use these Vibe Tune-Ups regularly to maintain wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit like you use tune-ups to maintain the wellbeing of your car.

Peter J. Hughes is a master change facilitator with over 17 years of vibe-alignment and facilitation experience. He draws on his 30 years of professional theater experience and his training in vibe alignment, intuitive guidance, and the Law of Attraction to "pull to the forefront of your life your most fully realized performance." People who have performed with Peter, or been coached by him, no matter what their beliefs or their relationship to spirituality, are struck by his very special presence and touched by the light and love that he emanates. He will give you an overview of principles of the Law of Attraction and lead you through a conversation and experiences that can enable you to transform fear into love and to open yourself to intuitive guidance.

Class Schedule

Spring 2020 Apr 27 to Jun 1, 2020
Mondays at 7:00pm
2 sessions x 120 mins each
Facilitator: Peter J. Hughes - professional muse
Colorado Free University
7653 E. 1st Place, Denver, Colorado 80230
[map] [website]
Max: 20 seats


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