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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Likewise, I can guide you to your highest potential, but I can't make you live it. That's your free will. -- PJH

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Recipe for Genius

The Recipe for Genius is a practical and effective performance-enhancing process. Grounded in three key ingredients, or power tools, the Recipe for Genius establishes a solid foundation on which to launch into any creative venture. Collectively the tools will support you in stepping up to your creating potential with newly founded confidence and clarity for accessing your creative genius.

In addition to the three power tools, the Recipe for Genius process incorporates five distinct characteristics of the creative master mind, the five personalities of genius, all of which collectively establish a solid foundation from which to generate maximum results.

Being that we are all creative by [genetic] design, the Recipe for Genius acts as a creativity supplement, further enhancing your ability to expand how you participate in your creative process. Basic in concept, simple in application, and expansive in potential, the Recipe for Genius tools take the guesswork out of tapping into your creative genius and maximizing the results of your efforts. Whether you are a multi facetted artist, or a multi facetted supporter of the arts, we all have a creative genius waiting to be tapped. Creative genius in not limited only to the creative arts; the business owner, the CEO, the school teacher, the chef, and the therapist all have their foundation in the creative process. Mastering the three ingredients of the Recipe for Genius will launch even the accountant and the banker into a more creative relationship with numbers and money.

Given how theory without action does not generate results, during your Recipe for Genius workshop you will also be facilitated through an interactive conversation and experience of each of the three tools and five characteristics to insure an understanding of the intention, value, and workings of each, as well as how to implement them individually and collectively for maximum results.

Your experience with the Recipe for Genius reaches far beyond the workshop as you implement the power tools and use the five characteristics of genius as your creative GPS. With your Recipe for Genius handbook to reference, it is here "in the field" of your daily life you will experience the performance-enhancing results of your efforts, expand your creative process, while generating maximum results

There actually is a Recipe For Genius.

Colorado Free University
Summer Semester 2019
Saturday, August 24, 10:00am-3:00pm
303-399-0093 ext.0
Course Number 8904J
$112.00 ($12.00 class materials)

Colorado Free University
Fall Semester 2019
Saturday, September 28, 10:00am-3:00pm
303-399-0093 ext.0
Course Number 8904K
$112.00 ($12.00 class materials)

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