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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Likewise, I can guide you to your highest potential, but I can't make you live it. That's your free will. -- PJH

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Your Heart's Desire, level 1

Are you ready to turn your heart's deepest desires into reality and live the life you REALLY want? The Your Heart's Desire nine session class series, inspired by and based on Sonia Choquette's best-seller "Your Heart's Desire - creating the live you really want to live" guides you into becoming a conscious and active participant in creating that which you truly desire.

If your Heart's Desire is true, then you will focus on it clearly (Principle One). If you focus on it clearly, then you will gain the support of you subconscious mind (Principle Two). If your subconscious mind supports your desire, then you will begin to imagine your desire in great detail (Principle Three). When your imagination creates a blueprint of desire, your conscious mind clears the way to embrace it (Principle Four). When you clear the path of obstructions, you begin to receive inner guidance (Principle Five). With intuition as your guide, you make enthusiastic and supportive choices (Principle Six). When you choose right actions, faith in the outcome naturally takes over (Principle Seven). Faith controlling the process, you begin to build your dream with words (Principle Eight). And by maintaining integrity within each principle you stay true to your Heart's Desire (Principle Nine).

Your Heart's Desire - creating the life you really want to live, is an introduction to, and interactive application of world renowned author Sonia Choquette's nine principles used in creating your heart's desire. Facilitator Peter J. Hughes guides participants through each of the principles during the nine session series. The intention is to create an opportunity for participants to "try on" each principle, sample the process through practical application, and experience consciously creating your Heart's Desire.

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