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"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
Thomas A. Edison

Do you know you already have everything within you to create the fully-realized highest potential version of yourself? Are you ready to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life so that you can make the appropriate changes to call forth your awesome life? Can you imagine what is possible when you are willing to embrace, own, and sustain your amazing life experience?

"Peter is a master change facilitator. He sees clearly the barriers that people unconsciously put in their way, and guides them in ways to dismantle those barriers so they can gain access too, and more easily achieve their goals."

Mission Statement
To facilitate the conversation and experience by which we remember who we already are as the whole, complete, and divine extensions and expressions of pure positive Source energy. And in doing so, consciously bring the power and influence of this awareness into creating our life experience.

The Vibe-Alignment conversation and experience is all about becoming conscious, intentional, and accountable for being a vibrational match with our Source awareness perspective, in our thoughts, words, and actions. It is a basic idea and practical application that, when consciously implemented, provides efficient and effective access to creating astounding results.

The Vibe Tune-Up Workshop Experience and Vibe Alignment Master Class are events offered to support you in connecting with and sustaining your focus and intention. Also available, and profoundly effective are private Vibe Tune-Up Coaching and Vibe Alignment sessions.

What would you want your enhanced life experience to look like?

Law of Attraction Based Process
The all-inclusive universal Law of Attraction states that we create what we focus on whether we†want it, or not. Most of the time we are creating by default because we are not aware of how our chronic unconscious thoughts are attracting, calling forth, and manifesting our life experiences.

The Universe is a "Yes" machine, responding to what we are giving our focus to. When we say "Yes" to what we want, the Universe says, "Yes" and manifests it in response. When we say, "No" to something we don't want, the Universe says, "Yes," and manifests it in response. The Universe does not distinguish between our "Yes" and our "No." It only responds to what we are giving our focus to.

"Together we will shift your focus so you are conscious in your vibrational offering, and intentionally a cooperative participant in manifesting the life you want to create and experience."

Peter J. Hughes
Peter J. Hughes-professional muse, is a master change facilitator, with seventeen years of vibe-alignment training and facilitating experience to his credit.

A Vibe Alignment and Law of Attraction specialist, Peter uses his thirty years of experience as a professional theatre director as the foundation for working with clients to "pull to the forefront of your life your most fully-realized performance."

Peter's most profound work is offered in the lovely and loving guidance of Sandalphon, the non-physical collective consciousness that speaks with us through Peter.

"We see and experience you only as the whole, complete, and divine extension and expression of pure positive Source energy that you are. Our invitation to you is to allow yourself to see and experience yourself as we see and experience you. We guarantee, you'll like what you see, and you'll Love what you experience." Sandalphon

Be willing to astound yourself.

The Perfect Storm

Monthly musing for Tuesday January 17, 2017

Sometimes the perfect storm takes us off our projected course and launches us onto a course we would never have thought to chart. And when the skies clear we find ourselves docked in the harbor of the version of ourselves only God could have known possible for us, and wanted for us all along, enough to have created the storm for us.

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Available Courses

Recipe for Genius - Practical and Effective [Performance Enh

Recipe for Genius - Practical and Effective [Performance Enhancing] Tools for Manifesting Thriving Creative Experience workshop.

What if you knew how to turn-on your artistic genius as a conscious and intentional part of your creative process? During your Recipe for Genius workshop experience you will be introduced to three profoundly effective tools which, when implemented, will have you tap-in to alignment with your unlimited creative potential, tuning-up and enhancing your creative process to produce results that had previously gone undiscovered.

The Recipe for Genius workshop guides you through a series of interactive conversations and experiences taking you beyond theory and into action with a heightened sense of awareness of your creative genius potential, and the mind blowing part you play in the creative process.

We believe the Recipe for Genius workshop experience will bring a new and profound level of awareness and expanded appreciation to what you already trust to work for your creative process. As well, you will access your untapped abilities to manifest creative results in a way you hadnít known to considered before.

There actually is a Recipe For Genius.

Colorado Free University
Spring Semester 2017
Saturday, April 8, 10:00am-3:00pm
303-399-0093 ext.0
Course Number 8904B9

Colorado Free University
Spring Semester 2017
Saturday, July 15, 10:00am-3:00pm
303-399-0093 ext.0
Course Number 8904D

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Services Offered

Vibe Tune-Up Workshop Experience Public Event

Vibe Alignment Master Class Public Event

Private Vibe Tune-Up Coaching Session

Private Vibe Alignment Session

Private Group Vibe Alignment Session

Within Is Where It's At - invocation process CDs

Thriving Series - 12 part series CD set

Mastering the Art of the Soul of Money

Recipe For Genius - Creating A Thriving Artistic Experience

Wedding Officiate

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"The "Thriving Series" of the Vibe Alignment Tune-Up led by Peter J. Hughes is a 12-part course that engages and challenges it's listeners to shift many of their perspectives to go from merely surviving in life to thriving in life. Part 2 of the series, titled "Keep It Simple" aims to remind participants of just how easy life can be...if you let it be. Mr. Hughes begins by encouraging his audience to sincerely "consider the possibility" that life can indeed be simple. And while that concept seems well and good, there are all too many moments in our day-to-day lives which complicate matters and threaten to derail the very idea of simplicity. For many us those complications, whether big or small, are the exact things that don't allow us to live simply.

What follows this framework is nothing short of extraordinary. It is suggested that if we merely begin to shift our perspectives, that everything will begin to fall into place. Hughes states that "life happens, it's how you choose to experience it" and with that directive, living simply is already well on its way. Over the next hour, Hughes guides participants through a series of real life exercises centered on making life simpler. There is nothing complicated about the presentation, and Mr. Hughes' real-life examples not only make the entire experience more palatable, but also easy to apply in every situation that you may encounter along the way.

The idea that "life is not hard" is one that many of us don't fully accept. In fact, a good number of us likely don't give this idea much credibility at all. That being said, it's all just a matter of shifting your perspectives concerning how you interact with life in order to keep it simple. Mr. Hughes' candid, engaging and often times humorous leadership, provides listeners with the necessary tools to create a life of action that will inevitably lead to the (re)discovery of our "whole, complete and divine" selves."