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Did you know you already have everything within you to create a thriving life experience?

I invite you to allow yourself to see and experience yourself through the unfiltered lens of your highest potential. I guarantee, you will like what you see, and you will come to Love what you discover.

Through a variety of services; including private sessions, public classes, we will explore a series of [Powerful] questions and [Powerful] answers the impact of which will awaken you to your highest potential as a sustainable way of life.

Mission Statement
Facilitating the process through which we identify limiting beliefs, displace fear based mind filters, and create the mental, intellectual, emotional clearing to nurture, develop, and claim our built-in potential to thrive.

The Foundation of Our Work
Changing our mind about what's possible requires first that we identify and reassign the belief filters which inform our thoughts, words, and actions. Working together we will navigate the mind shift which creates a clearing for us to consider different possibilities, make different choices, and become a vibrational match for creating astounding results.

The Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning fear into Love and Living a Thriving Life, classes offer you the foundation on which all of our services are launched. Whether you are a novis, well versed, or a master, these Tune-Up events will support you in redirecting your focus and intention on manifesting thriving results.

Also available, and profoundly effective are private Vibe Tune-Up Coaching and Vibe Alignment sessions.

What It All Comes Down To
The all-inclusive universal Law of Attraction states that we create what we focus on whether we want it, or not. Most of the time we are creating by default because we are not aware of how our chronic unconscious thoughts are informing our life experiences.

The Universe is a "Yes" machine, responding to what we are giving our focus to. When we say "Yes" to what we want, the Universe says, "Yes" and manifests it in response. When we say, "No" to something we don't want, the Universe says, "Yes," and manifests it in response. The Universe does not distinguish between our "Yes" and our "No." It only responds in kind to where we are giving our focus.

Peter J. Hughes
Peter J. Hughes - professional muse, is a master change facilitator with over 18 years of vibe-alignment and facilitation experience. He draws on his 33 years of professional theater experience and his training in Vibe Alignment and the Law of Attraction to "pull to the forefront of your life your most fully realized performance."

People who have been coached and guided by Peter, no matter what their beliefs or their relationship to spirituality, are struck by his very special presence and touched by the light and love that he emanates. We invite you to meet with Peter and experience the power of his insights. He will give you an overview of the principles of the law of attraction and lead you through a conversation and experiences that can enable you to transform fear into love and open yourself to intuitive guidance.Peter J. Hughes-professional muse, is a master change facilitator, with seventeen years of vibe-alignment training and facilitating experience to his credit.

Peter's most profound work is offered in the lovely and loving guidance of Sandalphon, the non-physical collective consciousness that speaks with us through Peter

Together we will shift your awareness, and redirect your focus so you are a conscious and intentional [vibrational] match for the life you really want to create and experience.

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."
Thomas A. Edison

Be willing to astound yourself.

Thanksgiving. It's not just a holiday, it's a way of life.

Monthly musing for Monday November 18, 2019

Living in a constant state of appreciation is not easy, it will challenge us at times in ways we are not able to sustain the connection. Likewise, living in a constant state of appreciation is simple, and will pay off at times in ways beyond what we are able sustain the connection. If we are not practiced in the discipline of giving thanks as a way of life, and do not develop th...

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Available Courses

Recipe for Genius

The Recipe for Genius is a practical and effective performance-enhancing process. Grounded in three key ingredients, or power tools, the Recipe for Genius establishes a solid foundation on which to launch into any creative venture. In addition, the Recipe for Genius process incorporates five distinct characteristics of the creative master mind, which collectively support you in stepping up to your creating potential with newly founded confidence and clarity for accessing your creative genius.

During your Recipe for Genius workshop you will be facilitated through an interactive conversation and experience of these tools and characteristics to insure an understanding of the intention, value, and workings of each, as well as how to implement them individually and collectively for maximum results.

There actually is a Recipe For Genius.

The Art of the Soul of Money

What would your life be like if you could change, and heal, your relationship with money?

This workshop series is designed to wake us up to how we are participating in alignment, or out of alignment, with the Soul of money. We will engage in conversations and have experiences that redefine our relationship to money and discover the profound influence a Soulful intention brings to expanding our potential for abundance.

Classes are full of straight talk, laughter, and intellectualizing, spiritualizing, and organic exploration.

Session One: What is the Soul of Money?

Session Two: Changing our Story about Money

Session Three: Establishing a New Relationship

Session Four: Getting into Action and Manifesting Results

Session Five: How Good can you Stand It?
Locking into the Soul of Money

Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning Fear Into Love...

Vibe Tune-Up
Spinning Fear into Love and Living a Thriving Life

These 2 hour classes are a law of attraction and thriving based conversation and experience. Truly a tune-up, this class focuses on raising our individual and collective vibration to be in alignment with health and wellness of body, mind, and Spirit. Participants will be facilitated in using a series of tools and processes designed to support achieving and sustaining vibrational alignment with a thriving way of living. Included in the experience is an actual vibrational attunement, designed to lock-in the raised vibration on a cellular level.

Though the title of each Tune-Up is the same, as we know from experience, each Vibe Tune-Up takes on a life of its own, informed by the particular combination of participants assembled, calling forth guidance and instruction appropriate for real-time events and ever progressing life changes. Use these Vibe Tune-Ups regularly to maintain wellbeing of your mind, body, and spirit like you use tune-ups to maintain the wellbeing of your car.

Your Heart's Desire, level 1

Your Heart’s Desire - creating the life you really want to live, is an introduction to, and interactive application of world renowned author Sonia Choquette’s nine principles used in creating your heart’s desire. Facilitator Peter J. Hughes guides participants through each of the principles during the nine session series. The intention is to create an opportunity for participants to “try on” each principle, sample the process through practical application, and experience consciously creating Your Heart’s Desire.

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Services Offered

Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning fear into Love

Private Vibe Tune-Up Coaching Session

Private Vibe Alignment Session

Private Group Vibe Alignment Session

The Art of the Soul of Money

Recipe For Genius - Creating A Thriving Artistic Experience

Wedding Officiate

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"With great love and humor, Peter Hughes guides you through releasing your old "story" the false pain of the past, and moving into the beauty of thriving. In his "Thriving Series" you will find the tools you need to live the joy you were born to be. Peter shares his own journey in such a pure, truthful way that you can feel your heart open through his words. His Divine Guides bless each word with a love that transcends and heals. He is gifted healer and a treasure.